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Published 3/6/2012 by admin

Facebook AdvertisingIn a recent job I did for a client I had my ups and downs when it came to Facebook Advertising.  I was pretty new to the game on a really short time line, so I did what every good internet marketer does when faced with a new challenge; I reached out to my friends!

The Job
To set the tone of this particular campaign there are a few things you should know– the budget was fairly high, as much as 5-10K per day was allowed in spend, and the transaction had to happen off-site.  This is important and is also the major challenge in this task.  Getting people to say, click a Facebook Ad and become a “fan” of something, hell that’s as easy as uploading a risque icon for your ad.  Getting people to leave Facebook and make a purchase at a different website, now that’s a whole different ballgame indeed. read more