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Producing great videos for your YouTube channel doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg. After several years of managing a few different channels on Youtube I started to learn a little more about producing higher quality videos with limited skills and budget.  The amount of utter trash and cell phone videos on YouTube means taking a little time to prepare for your videos will help set them far above the rest.  A few of the things I have learned are below.


1. Lighting will make or break your video.  Take the time to not only shoot in a well-lit area but to add additional lighting. Combining cheap overhead fluorescent lights and a few studio lights from amazon is a cheap & effective way to differentiate yourself greatly from your competition. read more


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Much of the consulting I do is around paid search.  Over the past 8 months I have been helping a client build out and subsequently expand their mobile PPC advertising across a few different avenues.  Before that over 40% of the business I did came from mobile advertising and over the years I’ve developed sort of a long list of things that generally seem to work across many products and below you will find a few of my Google mobile PPC experience.

1. In almost all of my split testing with mobile pay per click ads using “trademark” or “restricted” symbols helps improve CTR, I assume it’s because it does a great job differentiating your ad from the others and also takes up a little more room

2. Differentiate at minimum Android, Iphone and Tablet devices in terms of ad groups because not only did I find the ads to perform differently but they all preferred different types of landing pages.  Certain words work better to attract Iphone users than Android and Tablet.  For example the word “specials” seemed to work better for mobile than search but using different price points produced different CTR’s. read more


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Growing your subscriber base on Youtube and doing the right things to get more views on your videos is a difficult recipe to master.  Certainly I don’t have all the answers but in my days I have launched from scratch several different niche YoutTube channels and grew them all over 10,000 total subscribers, full partner status and millions of views.  Together my channels have over 50,000 total subscribers and along the way I have learned a lot about things that work and just as importantly things that do not work to get your YouTube channel growing.

A lot of you ask what is it that I do so well on YouTube to gain all the views and subscribers that I do so I decided to put together a list of 20 things that I have seen work really well over the past year or so. I don’t yet publish marketing videos much for my Marketing Sheriff channel but I hold somewhere around 50,000 total subscribers on 5 different Youtube channels on a variety of topics from computer repair to remote controlled cars so I am pretty sure the vast majority of these things translate.

1. Don’t forget to “like” your own video-Most people don’t want to be the first at anything so take that excuse right outta their head and get the ball rolling read more


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Display Ads graphicSo you want to market with display advertising. Well that should be easy just find a bunch of websites, make a gazillion ads of every size and place them well pretty much everywhere. Yeah too bad that’s completely the wrong way to approach display advertising.

There’s much more to think about when marketing for display ads. Things to consider such as what size to use, where to put the ads, who are you selling to, and much more.

These are some crucial bits of knowledge when it comes to display advertising and I’m here to give you the “in” on that knowledge.

read more

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