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Contract Negotiations – Protection from Costly Contracts

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Your Contract needs the Marketing Sheriff's AdviceIf you’re choosing to outsource some of your internet marketing work, contract negotiation is almost as important as choosing the right vendor. The Marketing Sheriff has dealt with hundreds of high-end contracts and outsourcing agreements. No matter the internet marketing channel, it takes years of experience to learn what should be written into a contract and what would best be left out, as well as knowing whats OK to bend on and where to stand firm.

Every contract has two sides. The Marketing Sheriff sees contracts come across our desks that are written so heavily in one party’s favor, they may as well be handcuffs. Most contracts need alterations, areas where new information should be added and parts of the contract that can be trimmed to minimize liability. If you don’t have experience in these areas, it probably seems impossible. Multi-page contract overwhelming? The Marketing Sheriff can helpIt can be very intimidating, pouring through a multi-page contract, and when you add that to the fact the monthly payments might be 20 or even $30,000 it’s not uncommon to suffer from “paralysis from over analysis”.

“We work with you to get the deal done, and make sure both sides feel comfortable.”

Using The Marketing Sheriff for your one-time agency negotiations keeps your mind at ease so you can concentrate on your business.  We can also act as that “spur” you need to take the plunge, someone to assure you that you are making the right decision or in some cases help you avoid a potential mistake. You’ll run across vendors all the time whose services seem top-notch and whose terms seem beneficial to you, the need to negotiate seems like an after-thought.

“Let The Marketing Sheriff be the voice of reason and tell you to walk away or jump on that deal with confidence.”

A second set of eyes looking out for your business – The Marketing SheriffSometimes a vendor may be very effective at what they do, but it still might not be the right fit for your particular business. The Marketing Sheriff is your second set of eyes, a contract negotiator without an emotional opinion, an outside source who knows the language online marketing agencies use and can speak your company’s dialect.

When you want to expand your online marketing strategy with a new partner or want The Marketing Sheriff to look over an existing contract with an old partner, we take the time to understand your businesses unique needs, the needs of your vendor, and the unique situation your business is in. Our contract negotiation services gives you both an advocate and a sounding board to get the best possible deal in place for everyone involved.