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The Marketing Sheriff’s mix of services to maximize the efficiency of your online marketing campaigns is unlike anything in the world. We will increase the overall efficiency of your business. We have four main areas that clients usually need help with.


Optimization Services IconOptimization Services
Optimizing Your Online Spend

The Marketing Sheriff’s optimization services are some of the more popular we provide. There’s a good reason for that–optimizing your online spend is the fastest way to increase the profit of your online marketing strategy.

“Spending money, the right way, with the right partners,
will increase your bottom line.”

We can work directly with clients or an agency as a whole. The Marketing Sheriff’s job is to learn your business from the top down, from your strategy and all channels involved in your current marketing campaigns to the daily operations of your business. The Marketing Sheriff considers “consultants” a dirty word. We don’t like working with “consultants.” We’re hired guns to optimize your online spend.

Once The Marketing Sheriff has a deep understanding of the way your company runs and what your long-term plans are, as well as a look back into your history, we will show you where to spend more money, where to spend less money, what to stop, and what to start. The name of the game is profit maximization–sometimes knowing when to pull the plug is just as important as knowing when to put the plug in the jug. Read more here.

Strategic ConsultingStrategic Consulting

Data Analysis with a Strategic Solution

The Marketing Sheriff also works as a strategic consultant–that’s when you bring us in to work on a single project.

“Looking for an elite service to overlook your company’s conversion data and match you with the best possible vendors to maximize profit and efficiency?
We can do that.”

Strategic consulting through The Marketing Sheriff could also be something as simple as hiring top-notch project management services from our team to see a large project through to completion: a new website design, content management system, learning management system, or anything else in the world of online marketing and sales. Read more here.

The biggest problem business owners have isn’t acquiring data, it’s looking at that data and knowing what to do with it. Most clients who come our way aren’t even looking at the right data. The term here is “analysis paralysis,” looking at too many of the wrong numbers and freezing up when it comes time to make a decision. A perfect example is a website’s sharp drop in sales, a drop in organic search results, an unidentified spike in bounce rate, or any other positive or negative outcome that happens all the time in business. People hire The Marketing Sheriff to solve a problem. We look at the data, your company’s future and your history, and give you the most detailed solution we can.

Vendor VettingVendor Vetting

Elite Vendors for Your Unique Marketing Needs

When you want vendor vetting services from The Marketing Sheriff, you give us an online marketing service you need and we’ll match you with at least three options offering a better service with unmatched customer service skills. Knowing you need online marketing help–like assistance with search engine optimization or email marketing–is one thing, but knowing who to hire requires experience and industry connections. If you’re not sure who to hire, you need The Marketing Sheriff. Read more here.

Having looked carefully at hundreds of vendors over the years, we’ve developed a shortlist for any service you could be looking for. You’re not just risking your money if you choose to partner with the wrong online marketing vendor–you’re missing the opportunity to do business with a customer base the wrong vendor is ignoring, and the cost of the time spent dealing with the marketing failure as well. We’ve spent a ton of money working with less than effective vendors–believe us when we say we’ve had our share of bad relationships, too.

“We want you to benefit from our mistakes by hooking you up with the best service providers in the world.”

Let The Marketing Sheriff’s vendor vetting service hook you up with three options to complete your project to your full satisfaction and with a smile on their face. We do the hard work, and we make sure the vendor sticks around to finish the job, exceeding your expectations.

Anyone can run a Google search and look for a vendor but knowing who the best person is for your particular needs can be the difference between success and failure. For example, some web designers are great at certain types of web design. They may have a flashy website or come highly recommended but if they don’t take the time to understand your business or understand what good customer service is, you can be wasting your time and money.

Contract NegotiationsProtection from Costly Contracts

Protection from Costly Contracts

Knowing not only if the vendor is right for you and your company but if the six month or one year contract you’re about to sign is in your best interest is a big reason for hiring The Marketing Sheriff. Negotiating contracts means you’ve selected one or two agencies to provide a particular service in the online marketing world and you’re not sure what contract changes to make to increase your profits.

“Let us do all the heavy lifting, read your contract,
and keep you out of hot water.”

In our many years of doing online marketing we’ve worked on hundreds of contracts. The Marketing Sheriff signs good contracts and we have signed bad ones in the past as well. Let us turn those experiences into a positive by improving your next contract negotiation. We can make things go smoother by pointing out areas of the contract that need a retouch, and by assuring you you’re paying an appropriate price. Want to make sure you have protection in place? Read more here.