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Vendor Vetting – Elite Vendors for Your Unique Marketing Needs

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Looking for a vendor for a specific Internet Marketing campaign? Maybe you are interested in starting Facebook advertising but do not yet have the internal team to handle it, or perhaps you have always We have Unique Marketing Experience working with Top Vendorswanted to jump into display advertising but you’re just not sure who to hire. This is what the Marketing Sheriff’s Internet Marketing Vendor Vetting Program is all about. Our unique experience over the years, working with most of the top 3 or 4 vendors in just about every area of online marketing, spending…and in some cases losing our own money makes us uniquely qualified to work with your company to find, and contract the best possible vendor for you.

Part of hiring an agency or a vendor to handle a specific portion of your Internet Marketing campaign is not just making sure you get the one best matched to your needs, but also consider opportunity cost. In many cases, one or two agencies may both still be very well suited to work with you.

“Choosing the right vendor is key.”

The financial losses you can sustain are just part of the concern, you need also think about the opportunity costs involved in going 6 or even 12 months with a dead end campaign. This risk alone is why you would engage with the Marketing Sheriff to help you find the right vendor.

“We work with you to pick the best vendor possible,
think of it as an insurance policy.”

Types of Vendors – Bad, Good, UglyThe Marketing Sheriff has worked with so many vendors, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, that we know who to match the specific needs of your business with. Even with thousands of agencies lining up for your cash, it is easy for The Marketing Sheriff to whittle down the list to three or four vendors that would fit. Picking the right vendor for the right job is what makes The Marketing Sheriff your partner for hire.

How We Vet Our Vendors

The Marketing Sheriff’s in-house vendor vetting program involves learning the ins and outs of your company and matching you with an agency that has a strong reputation for success and elite customer service. If you’ve worked with outside vendors in the past, you know that failing to communicate with a new vendor or feeling like your input is being ignored is the most frustrating outcome of all. The Marketing Sheriff runs a vendor vetting program that helps us locate the right provider for your needs.Finding the right vendor for your unique marketing needs

A Real-World Example

Without the help of The Marketing Sheriff, finding a vendor to run your email marketing or social media campaign is as easy as running a quick Google search. You’ll come up with five to ten different agencies with lists of recommendations from other vendors.

Hiring an online agency is a leap of faith. What The Marketing Sheriff’s vetting program does is to narrow down your choices to one industry-leading professional who has shown the ability to pull off the job and communicate with the client. The Marketing Sheriff is your business partner and your advocate, a hired gun who understands both your business and the agency’s side of the deal. The Marketing Sheriff leads to you hiring the right agency, matching our agencies with the best customer fit and setting up both sides for long-term sustainable success.